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Review of Stephen Booth by @eileenclayton1


Eileen, my friend found on twitter!Has been reading again and has this to say about Stephen Booth...

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over to Eileen...

I think she liked this one

Devil's Edge by Stephen Booth

'The Devil's Edge' is a crime thriller, written by Stephen Booth. This is another in the series that features Cooper and Fry his detectives. This book shows slightly less of Diane Fry’s presence and also a shift in power due to Cooper finally being promoted to the same rank, Detective Sergeant. They are looking into a series of break-ins, which culminates in a brutal murder.

The story opens very dramatically with an atmospheric killing of a woman with a bottle of wine in her hand, screaming for her husband, Jake who is only in the living room. The killer is very bold and brutal.

The 'Devil's Edge' from the title is actually a rock face which over looks a private and enclosed 'very typical' English village. It is enclosed due to the Geography of the village but also due the inhabitants of the village. Due to these very domineering cliff edges that surround the village, gives provision for Stephen Booth to write a very atmospheric story whilst using some very descriptive passages. The central part of the story is centred on the inhabitants of the village and their convoluted relationships with each other.

The village is full of wealthy and very private people who all seem to have secrets of their own. The village is reluctant to open up to the Police, even though their village has just had an awful home invasion and brutal murder. Their reticence and reluctance to relinquish their privacy enhances the plot and causes it's share of 'red herrings'.

The one of the biggest strength in this Stephen Booth novel is that sense place and location. His obvious knowledge of the area and its imposing landscape. It was eerie in parts.

There was a rather strange mixture of characters in the book and the one that struck me was DS Cooper's girlfriend Liz the 'SOCO', who does eventually become his fiancée. This is odd as she seem strangely absent from the traumatic issues that occur to Cooper’s family; this seemed to make no sense. This will hopefully be resolved in further books. His former girlfriend returns and she is now a widow.

A REALLY good read, make sure you buy and enjoy....

I would definitely recommend this book would rate it 8/10

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