Sunday, 24 June 2012

Images of a Criminal Nature...

Crime....see the images and decide if you would commit to join us again
Thursday 5th July we have THREE purveyors of dealing with death and deception

Frances Brody and her sleuth Kate Shackleton delves into 1920s Yorkshire
Martin Edwards makes the Lakes seem somewhat less sleepy and more sinister
And Uber Mystery Meister Stephen Booth makes us all go
His latest hardback Dead and Buried shows just how accomplished he is..VERY!

Tickets are only £7.50 and inc Burgers/Hot dogs as it is just after Independence Day
Kids come in for just £2.50 we recommend 11+ but anyone can come

Here is what went on last time with Kate Ellis and Martin Edwards, Vicky sang her heart out and John did magic up close and personal...

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