Thursday, 21 June 2012

Whoops Apocalypse with MG Harris

Today was the Longest Day or the Summer Solstice and we went out with MG Harris to promote her 5th and maybe final Joshua Files Adventure 'Apocalpyse Moon' and it is all about the Winter Solstice...and the Apocalypse..The END of the foretold in Ancient times by the Mayans...and MG knows a lot about them and has been telling us all about this theory for the last 5 was the deal.

She is a very clever lady and has written a seriously cool and intelligent series of books that although aimed at 9-16 year olds or 'Young Adults' as the hip and trendy call them...Should and Could be read by discerning adults who want accurate research blended with superb action and characters that flow off the page into your head. Dan Brown and MC Scott and others have done their bit and to be honest are mostly read only by adults..MG is read by mega loads of 'Kids' BUT is also read by with a bit of marketing the thing I suggest is for 'Childrens' Publishers...go for the adult market more...some authors and MG is one, could actually 'rewrite' a bit to add a little more spice for the older reader. Having said that there is plenty of action/romance/intrigue in her books and her web presence is superb. Who needs X-Box 'et all' when you can be entertained by her multitude of websites. Just go see or the official and she is on facebook, twitter and I am sure other portals of interaction.

The packaging of her books is awesome, gorgeous sleek PVC slipcovers  that change the look of the book and seem to make them more WOW I want be fair the 17 versions across the globe all have some spectacular imagery and her interactive presentation shows her savvy IT background with added original music and video trailers and well, all in all the most fun you can have with books in 45 minutes in a hot and sultry lecture hall or library.

We started at Merchant Taylors' Boys in Crosby where librarian Liz was last Sunday a column in 'The Observer'! She really loves promoting reading great books and her boys are so lucky to have her as a portal of providing stellar authors. And we get a great lunch.

We literally flew to Wirral Boys Grammar and were met by some very keen fans and that was before the event! They have another superb librarian Julia and her team too! Their lecture hall is excellent but was a bit sultry, the weather was balmy to say the least. MG gave two absorbing talks and the questions were seriously impressive. We sold ALL the books and had to take orders.

We fought the traffic back through the tunnel and Liverpool to get to the shop and meet yet more fans who interviewed MG and that will be up on Facebook via soon.

The clouds were gathering as MG left, it did indeed feel like an atmospheric barometer was rising and a storm was forming...will we still be here after Dec 21st 2012..Well..I do hope so!

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