Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tarzan 'Official Centenary' with Andy Briggs

Tarzan the uber eco warrior is about to be massive again, last year Andy Briggs undertook the rewriting of this iconic legend with the blessing of the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate, he wouldn't have got far without their say anyway!

Tarzan:- Greystoke the Legend was an adrenalin rush of non stop action in the Congo, with all the trademarks we know and added visual and visceral punch. Andy has cut his teeth on Hollywood Scripts, so he knows how to get the story moving and the characters real instantly. He doesn't dumb down as the primary audience are YA, he let's rip with death and destruction and you really don't know who will survive.

Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior is launched on July 5th at the Plaza Cinema in Crosby 10-12noon
It is now 100 years since Tarzan was published and Andy has all sorts of stories and images to make this event superb. The new book takes big game poaching as a feature and whether Tarzan will acknowledge his roots. The action fizzes off the page and you really feel hot and sweaty as you read.

Anyone can come to this free event we just need names and numbers
contact us on 01704 830130 or email

You can order a copy of either book for £5 each
We would have to charge £2 postage if required
Add any names or messages required if ordering
Order by Weds 4th July to ensure your copy

We have 1 copy to give away from the blog, leave a message with contact details and maybe you will win!

Andy was in the area recently and we went to De La Salle School sand Lathom High and has some swinging fun too...

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