Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Poetic Dip into Culture

THANKS to....All who came to our wonderful 'Open Mic' Poetry Night at The Pool

Wasn't it fun and at times emotional and at times profound.
It just goes to show what talent there is out there on your doorstep and I feel that live and read with nuance and cadence poetry comes alive.

We were launching Phil Todd's Third Volume of Inspirational Poetry 'Cherished Whispers' and he certainly got us thinking and relaxed. We had Joan Sartain reducing us to quivering wrecks as we laughed at her 'Aunt Mabel' ditties with wit and charm and so much vitality. Then there was Ian Bradley Marshall, by day a 'normal/boring' (sorry Ian) solicitor, but by night, he transforms into a mesmerising purveyor of profound wisdom, observation and emotive prose and poetical 'Meanderings' and he can do funny! His take on Blackadder with voices and setting in the Pool of Life...astonishing..'Pink Viper' check it out. His closing poem from Lime Street (the one aired on BBC Radio Merseyside last week)
was poignant and such a fitting end to a magical night.

But, there was more...
We had Stephen Beattie, his take on the Titanic...from the 'Icebergs Perspective' was such a gob smacking moment for all and I hope the prize he is up for is won, he also gave us a seriously 'Fishy' tale and more.
And even Cafe Manager, Keith went and penned a poem about coffee and customers that was seriously good.

We also had some contributions from very brave guests and I somehow managed to avoid recanting my hastily written 'Ode to the Book' I may post it here later, In fact I hope to be able to load up some poems from the evening in due course.

Folks, spread the word...Formby is a haven of words and culture and we want all to come and enjoy

Phil Todd, The Inspirational Poet (From Old Roan)

Ian Bradley Marshall (Solictor of Words)

Steve 'Iceberg' Beattie and Joan 'Aunt Mabel' Sartain

Ian 'Meandering' Marshall

Steve,Joan,Ian,Phil and Illustrator Tracey Bleasedale
She did a lovely picture book (Buff MacGregor) with Phil

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