Monday, 11 June 2012

June and IBW Too!

Thought I had better plant a few seeds of what we do.
We specialise in having events connected with books and authors and try very hard to make them fun, different and worth attending!

Later this month we have visits from Joseph Delaney (Spook's Books series). MG Harris and her stunning 'Joshua Files', MG will be in the shop on Thursday 21st June 4-5pm and if you want a seriously cool alternative to 'MiB3' and 'Alex Rider' then try her. You won't regret it!

And also Cathy MacPhail  (Thursday 28th June).She writes very clever teen thrillers and some nice stuff for cross over age group (9-12)

 And then we move onto 'IBW' which runs
               Sat 30th June 'til Sat 7th July and we have a fab week planned.

Sat 30th June 12-1pm we have John Rapilliard and his superb Viking Saga (Formby is a Viking Village), he has written two excellent adventure yarns 'The British Viking' and 'Penrose Princess of Penrith'. He is very accurate in his reseach and the plots rattle along with plenty of pace. He has some intriguing twists in the mythology too.
Then we have some seriously cool events for younger readers, Tuesday 3rd July we have Dan Freedman, his 'Jamie Johnson' series of football novels for 8-13yr olds are so authentic and have great characters and plots.

Then on Thursday 5th July we have a Book Launch. Andy Briggs brings 'Tarzan' back to the jungle, he is now 100 years old and is really rewritten in such a powerful way that you forget all about the old stuff and are absorbed into Andy's cinematic storytelling. You really feel you are whooshing through the Congo and dodging bullets, machete's and dangerous animals galore. He started with the 'Greystoke Legend' and now we have the stunning 'Jungle Warrior'.

Both these events are at quite a unique venue, The Plaza Community Cinema in Waterloo. They were almost  celluloid history but with a superb team of cinema lovers and canny fundraisers are now a real rival to the multiplexes and much easier to get to/from too! They run 10am 'til 12 noon and promise to be absolutely brilliant trips out for kids from nearby schools, or anyone wanting to come along. Just get in touch to book your seats, both are Free to attend.

On Thursday 5th July in the  evening we celebrate the end of CWA Month of Crime with a superb evening at Formby Pool Cafe, we have two superb purveyors of mystery and intrigue with Stephen Booth and Martin Edwards.
Doors 7.30pm and
Tickets are only £7.50 and include a Hot Dog or Burger, there is a bar and the cafe will be open too.

 Then I rush to do my slot on BBC Radio Merseyside from 10pm 'til 1pm    
                                          Yowser what a day!

On Friday 6th July we welcome back the incredible, awesome and very talented and bouncy Steve Cole. He helps keep 'Dr Who' alive and has written several series of absolutely brilliant, fun filled adventerous books for confident readers 6-11yr olds, also some fantastic adventures for 9-14yr olds and a picture book 'Turbo Tortoise' for the youngest readers. Whew! He is a lovely guy and after rushing round several schools he will be in the shop from 4-5pm

Please if you view recommend others get on touch and leave nice comments!


  1. Great blog really interesting. I will be interested in bringing my youngest son to talk by author of spooks as he's read them all

  2. We will sort that, they are awesome books and the film is on the way, check out todays blog...