Tuesday, 12 June 2012

ScareFEST2 Six authors and one night of Scary FUN!

A quick look back again,

Mainly as the box office (0151 928 1919) at The Civic,Crosby L23 0LQ       
 is now open for 'ScareFEST3:- Beyond the Book' The date is Saturday 6th October 2012 and we have a 'Magnificent Seven' Authors this time.
                                                   Surely we need a bigger stage!

We started in 2010 and sort of well 'winged it' Tommy Donbavand came up with the idea and we invited a few other Horror Writers and the 'Spook-Tacular ScareFest' was born and it was immense fun and actually well attended and we sold plenty of books. Sam Enthoven blogged it with his 'Trapped by Monsters' site and we decided to think about a bigger better one...and we Sure DID! Tommy asked his best mate Barry Hutchison down from the Highlands and Joseph Delaney and Jon Mayhew rejoined the cast. Sadly Sam and David Gatward were not with us, but Philip Caveney and Curtis Jobling came along and we all had a seriously scary and very funny time mixed up in a cauldron of lights, smoke, videos and music as well as games, readings and Curtis doodling like a mad man with 'Were-Bob' sketches

This year we have a 'Writer's Workshop' in the morning with Jon Mayhew
There is talk of an illustrator's demo with Sean The Mighty Ape who is providing sketches for this years exclusive programme, with a cover designed by Curtis Jobling too! Then in the afternoon there is a 'Scream Street' Gameshow with added 'Enter-Scream-Ment' by Philip Caveney and Jon. This is followed by a stage version of the 'Spook's Apprentice' written by Joseph Delaney and his son Stephen and 45 minutes of mayhem with David Gatward and his 'Doom Rider' and 'Dark, Dead, and Damned' experience!
   Extreme antics and props will be used.

ALL Before..the Main Event the awesome 'Scaryticious Show'with Seven (count em) acts crammed into 3 hours
there is an events tab on www.formbybooks.co.uk too!

Now the pictures from ScareFEST2....look, scroll, laugh, scream
Philip Caveney went first with his 'Movie Maniacs' and Devlin Adventures

The Scream TeamJoseph Delaney, Curtis Jobling, Barry Hutchison
Tommy Donbavand, Philip Caveney and Jon Mayhew

I got to sneak onstage at the end!

My Son Matthew (12) is a huge fan
and now a Character in Scream Street, 'Higgs the Lamia'!

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  1. Seriously looking forward to SF3. People, this could become HUGE! WOOHOO! (Exits stage left, giggling, doing arm-pit farts and singing "are you going to scarborough fair? Because I am and I like to collect whimsies! Yes, WHIMSIES!" Etc.)