Friday, 22 June 2012

Joanne Harris and Monsieur Le Cure

We had a sensational visit from the illustrious Joanne Harris on her tour for 'Peaches for Monsieur Le Cure' the astonishing new book in the 'Chocolat' sequence. She defies description in her ability to write thoroughly different, but always absorbing and clever prose. Her persuasive powers as a storyteller are immeasurable. She weaves thoughts and actions into your head as you read and you sort of taste the situation, she really is a multi-sensory author.

We had just heard

of her stunning success

in selling over 1 million copies

of her seminal work 'Chocolat'


And I felt so proud to think
that we were opened by
John Boyne who was the other
'Million Copy Seller'from the news in the 'Guardian'
and now we had Joanne Harris
coming to sign books.
Quite an achievement in just 8 months I thought.

Cathy who runs her small but perfectly formed 'Tea Rooms' and delights us everyday with her stunning homemade soups, cakes and has the best and cheapest Tea and Coffee in the Village too...said she would treat fans to two of Joanne's recipes from her French cookery books. So everyone coming to buy a book would get a scrummy slice of cake..calories not best discussed!

I am a huge fan of Joanne having read both of her 'Nordic Reworkings' which are worthy of a 'Tolkien' award and should be used in classics. Also her 'Gentlemen and Players' and 'blueeyedboy' have such stupendous twists and are up there with the best purveyors of pure mystery and suspense.

Her Gothic/Renaissance Vampiric novel is awesome and her Ghostly work is comparable to Susan Hill. And yet as a writer of layered social and provincial observation is what she seems to be best loved for, I haven't read all of these but they sell like hot cakes.

I think Joanne has that pure ingredient of talent that shines through in whatever she writes and that makes her someone to trust when it comes to reading something you wouldn't just take to off the shelves.

Her new book which hit Number Two in the 'Sunday Times' chart is an instant classic, you just are immediately drawn back into rural France 8 years after 'Chocolat' and 'Lollipop Shoes', and how things have changed. The characters have grown, aged and developed even before we rekindle our love of them. Joanne also cleverly questions belief, religion and politics without ever becoming purely polemic. As a page turning treat for the eyes and soul.

 I give this book 9/10. A 'Sensamorgorical' read par excellence!

Vianne and her ability to fathom out the nuances of others choices and make things seem calm is as ever a constant theme. The insurgence of the settlers over the bridge is quite cataclysmic in more ways than one. Poor old Msr. Le Cure, now twice the target of misguided justice.

We only had 50 copies as our event was a lunchtime signing between media and a big evening event, so sadly we sold out! We have a few paperbacks on the shelves but I would advise getting in touch asap to make sure you get one.

Please ask others to come and read our 'blog', we want folks to love books and meeting authors in and around Formby so spread the word and join us at one of our many events.

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