Sunday, 24 June 2012

Valentines Day with Joanna Trollope

We received some very good news after Christmas, we had been selected by Alison Barrow a Publicity Director at Transworld Publishing to have a very high profile author visit us and by chance
the date was Feb 14th (Valentines Day)

Sunday Times Number One Bestselling author Joanna Trollope!

We soon had a huge crowd of folks in the shop and Joanna actually jumped up on a chair and read and talked about her latest book 'Soldier's Wife' a thoughtprovoking look at the Afghanistan conflict and it's dramatic effect on families and post traumatic stress disorder. She analyses the situation and humanises it in an extremely vivid way. We all know she is a superb author but this book shows how much she cares about modern life and will be one of her books we all remember a powerful and poignant tale with immense honesty and observations.

Jillian (one of our real regulars) seated with my Deputy Manager
Vicky stood then Joanna,
Me and Deb my long serving senior sales assistant

We get a lot of support from and Patrick takes superb pictures at many of our events go and see his archives and enjoy.
His dad and mum were with us as..
Their surname is also Trollope
and they shared some family talk as they got their specially dedicated book.

Vanessa who owns the cards and Thorntons and Gifts in Derbyshires
is a huge fan and of reading in general
and had her daughter Chloe seated and a friend meet Joanna.

As did many other fans!

I may find the picture of Joanna on the chair
and add it in later so do check back!
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