Sunday, 10 June 2012

Before the beginning, We will recap yesterday

Sat 9th June was a foul and miserable day with temps below 10 degrees
and wind and rain like a monsoon, not a good way to encourage reluctant shoppers to come and buy books. And we had a book signing with Jane Costello
( )at midday, It wasn't looking good!
Jane is fast becoming the real rival to 'Shopaholic' Sophie Kinsella and is Liverpool's best selling 'Chicklit' or rather 'Comedy Romance' author.
She is up for the prestigious Melissa Nathan Award on Tuesday 14th June
(Go Girl, Win! )
Her fifth book 'All the Single Ladies' Will hit the Top Ten of the 'Sunday Times' Bestsellers
It was published on Thursday 7th June, so our event was amongst the first for Jane and it was wet, miserable and we had not even had the new books delivered with the weather, our poor van driver Carl was struggling..Yikes!

Whew! Just as Beth and Vicky were cleaning and setting the store up for the event the books arrived and then just 30 mins later so did Jane.

The weather had eased and it was at least dry.

And miraculously we had lots of fans appear too!

Jane had been Tweeting @janecostello and so had I
I think she has more followers, but I am slowly getting more well known
So all ended well!

If ever you want to order any books to be signed/dedicated or check
to see if we have any left after events
then do drop us an email  or ring the shop 01704 830130
And with my monthly (and occassionally more regular)
slot on Radio Merseyside 95.8fm and online via
navigate via listen/radio/local and locate the Linda McDermott Show.

Next we will go back to Sept 2011 and the beginning!

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