Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cathy MacPhail and the Iron Men

Cathy MacPhail was our guest on Thursday 28th June
We were asked to bring an author to St Edwards College in Liverpool as they have their 'Come and see the school' evening for prospective pupils
from lots of nearby primaries...

But rather than just spend an evening sat in their library
 (rather lovely and full of great books)
We decided to make a day of it and visit somewhere else...

They were celebrating and didn't have to wear uniform and were very happy to met Cathy

 And despite an absolute deluge
as she finished her talk,
we just had time to pop to Crosby Beach
to see the fantastic 'Iron Men'.
One Hundred life size body casts
of Antony Gormley
spread over 3km on our coastline

they get all sorts of attention,
dressed up in football kits and suchlike

They appear to like reading too!

We did get to St Edwards College and Ruth the LRC Manager
had cakes and tea
And a lovely display
and lots of lovely readers came to meet Cathy too!

This young lady was adorable
and was thrilled to meet one of her favourite authors

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