Wednesday, 11 July 2012

He does a good Job-Bling-ing it!

Curtis Jobling is something of a multipurpose performer, he cut his crayons on superb sketching of shapes that became iconic Bob the Builder, Frankenstein's Cat and Raa Raa the Lion and his animation work with Nickleodeon and others is fast and funny and polished. He declares a love of fantasy having succumbed to 'Where the Wild Things Are' at an early age and been an early fan of all things Hobbit. He took Dungeons and Dragons seriously and then decided to create his own Fantasy Domain and named it Wereworld, well Lyssia actually, but the books are tagged as Wereworld and are serious stuff, no loads of comic action here, a dark and sinister undercurrent of feudalism and ancient rites. A liberal amount of shape shifting, not too much (clever).
Believable plotting and characters and lashings of excitement and battles and gore..Ideal reading material for anyone with a pulse and eyes aged 10+ or so and definitely adults who hark back to Eddings, Tolkien et all.

He does a rapid fire drawing masterclass, shows his slick animation skills, jokes a bit, gets a laugh and a 'wow' and then draws Bob into a 'WereBob' and reads from his stunning 'Rise of the Wolf', no sparkle necessary here...just awesome action and real death in chapter 3, you just see the kids wanting to hear and read more, he does fab doodles in every book and occasionally a quick commission for teachers with little ones at home, an all round nice man and all round genius.

 Check out his stuff at and for fans

Hark my words a new voice in must read dark fantasy is amongst us and he ain't going away, Curtis is still only a squeak over 40 and is destined to emulate Garth Nix, Brian Jacques and others and even set a new mark...The NEW Curtis Jobling! 

If he performs near you go see and be amazed, he will be at various festivals and libraries etc and also at this year's ScareFEST3
 Saturday Oct 6th at the Civic in Crosby 

tickets at the box office and with us too! and 01704 830130

a smattering of quick images of quick drawing below

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