Friday, 6 July 2012

How to make 100 seem young with Andy Briggs

Andy Briggs is something of a star, he seems to travel in another universe, one of awesome creations and immensely cinematic writing. He will soon be a huge name and well deserved.

He is tireless in his efforts to make 'reading for pleasure' actually a PLEASURE.

He works in Hollywood and anywhere he can find a willing horde of would be readers.

His and are up there in the action stakes with added intrigue.
His comics make kids who don't..READ
and...NOW..he is a legend

Tarzan is an icon and is just hitting 100, Everyone knows his name and his call...

Andy makes him roar and come to life in front of your eyes and ears

He came to Sefton to launch Tarzan: Jungle Warrior the second 'Rock and Roll Read' in the new legend rebooted for the 21st Century. Andy is a true writer of octane and energy and he does not pull punches..

There is carnage in the Congo and everything and everyone is at risk..he deals with 'real issues' adds pace, humour and adrenaline by the gallon..folks this is reading and you need to become a fan

Just see the images too..whole pages in the big papers..See images and those soon to be nationally seen c/o Patrick from and MidasPR I am so proud to work with so many great authors who value Sefton and Formby as a Book Beacon.

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