Sunday, 15 July 2012

Reading is it a trend or a pas(sed)time

I have decided to move any stream of consciousness thoughts to a tab called rants see above, so that If you stumble upon my blog, you will see current stuff and suchlike and not my latest rant!


  1. Hi
    I read, I love independent bookshops so much that I am trying really hard to do a promotion on my novel next year with indie, but getting no response from Indie Booksellers Association. And I haven't been in a supermarket for about 4 months now. ( Not because I am so wealthy an author that I have staff to do my shopping)
    I spend too much time on social media too, but have had many recommendations for good reads from being online.
    And I found you.
    And I too am frustrated with councils being prattishly short sighted with their parking policies, publishers being shocking in the discounts they give to the likes of Waterstones etc, closure of libraries.
    So, hi. That's what I wanted to say. And who is Peter Andre?

    1. well Peter andre is a dude who says he is going to revolutionise reading for men (without pictures), he wants lots of money and thinks by tying kangaroos down and doing rude things to them we will be excited (not as much as he will)He was once a share of the peoples popular front of Jordan or Twin Peaks TV as it may have been known