Thursday, 19 July 2012

Anne Watts and her Save the Children Lit Lunch

Anne Watts deserves an award

Firstly just for her writing, secondly for her work with 'Save the Children Fund' raising
 and thirdly and most importantly for what she has done..she never set out to be extraordinary, but she IS!

She was a normal local lass born in Liverpool, raised in North Wales and trained as a nurse in Manchester in the 1950s. She had a father who had travelled far and wide as a merchant seaman and made sure she knew her world map like an a-z of life.

She volunteered to 'Nurse Abroad' and with STC she went to Vietnam, Cambodia and The Middle East and was there during all the horrors and futility that ensued.
She also went to the Arctic North of Canada and the Plains of Alice Springs in Oz.

She did so much, helped so many people and selflessly dedicated her life to helping those less fortunate and in dire need of humanity and care.

She is writing her third volume of her jaw-dropping autobiography which will be out next year, by then she should be a household name and deservedly so.

'Always the Children' was arguably the best autobiography of the year in 2010/1 and she followed it up just in May with 'A Nurse Abroad'.

What makes her so special is her urbane humanity and sense of humour and purpose, she should be listened to by politicians and if only they would we could make a lot happen in the NHS and with dealing with 'conflicts and wars'. If you want a signed copy of her books get in touch and we will sort a dedication and send it on..

She was a celebrity speaker at today's 'Save the Children' Fundraising Literary Lunch in Chester held at the salubrious and rather gorgeous Eaton House, deer and all!

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