Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dan Freedman and a Final Whistle rematch

Dan Freedman is one of a few writers brave enough and able enough to make reading football accessible and exciting and most importantly realistic. He lives and breathes the sport and is a keen observer of the good and bad of it, but very impartial. His background with the FA certainly gave him the plot lines and his eye for detail and ability to make you feel you are watching real matches is superb.

I have worked with him for quite some time, we once had empty boxes at the most unlikely schools, once we found them, my lack of 'sat nav' is to be remedied I promise. I also remember the huge billboard opposite Lime Street when I picked him up one time and now he has sadly (for now,although he had some very interesting what if conversations today) blown 'Full Time' on his Jamie Johnson series.
These books are iconic and loved by boys and girls across the country, whatever your team  you root for Jamie. A journey through life as well as football and packed with authenticity.

We raced (well after traffic lights and roadworks) to St Jerome's in Formby and had special guests from Holy Family transfer by coach to join us and a lady from the 'Football League' came too!

I stupidly didn't have my camera!

We popped to sign stock for the shop and then went underground (through the Mersey Tunnel as it goes), we emerged and without 'sat nav' again got slightly lost. And we had been before!

 This was a welcome rematch with the wonderful boys at St Anselm's in Prenton on the Wirral, right by the leafy and majestic Birkenhead Park. Gill Ashton the most excellent book loving librarian had lunch and tea and lots of fans waiting for us and it was a real treat.

Dan went recently and did a huge assembly and it seemed apt that they had a revisit, they were so keen, had awesome questions and showed real insight into the books and What if..Jamie did resurface, Dan will have mentally made notes and it may just be that they sparked a new chapter.

They adored hearing almost the fist ever reading from the new book as Jamie realises his and most boys dreams of walking onto the turf of the Nou Camp in front of 20,000 fans and showing his skills.

Below are a few snaps we took at the school..enjoy and go read the books!

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