Friday, 6 July 2012

Steve Cole: He 'Rains' in Sefton a king of comedy for kids and teachers alike

After the mega day of yesterday, now history!
We struggled up at 6.30am after just 4 hours sleep and headed for St Mary's Catholic Primary in Little Crosby, a tiny village on the way to Formby, the whole school could fit into an average 'normal' school assembly why was Steve Cole, purveyor of mirth and magical moments for all ages meeting me there? Well, they are often overlooked as we sort of want the bigger numbers to enjoy 'Special' visits by authors. 'Not Fair' I hear, and yes that is true, so after them coming at their cost of hiring a coach for all the infants to meet Nicholas Allan when Vicky (my wonderful Deputy Manager) organised her 'Jubilee Knickers Day'

 she worked wonders as over 1200 kids decorated their own knicker designs, and Nicholas went around as many schools as we could manage, he signed books for 3 hours...I will post the images, they are stunning and the round about thing is Colette the teacher who helped us deserved us to help her with Steve Cole. He is a magnificent performer, a bundle of energy and excitement and ad libbed humour for all ages.

We were warned about the weather and sure enough the clouds came, grew and dumped about 3 inches of rain in an hour, plans to do an 'al fresco' presentation scuppered, so Steve had about 100 kids in a classroom and even with the door open it was sweltering! He was stunning, when he spotted a 3 foot cuddly cow and used it as a CIA prop the room fell apart, a room full of joyous tears almost as wet as the playground.

 Steve sort of looked like he had done a marathon and yet it was only just the first sprint of a hectic day

We aquaplaned across country to get to Summerhill Primary in Maghull and the kids were sat patiently waiting and looked so keen, it was a very funny show as the staff and pupils joined in with aplomb

We had to ring ahead for lunch and sailed across to try and cool down, it was like working in the tropics
Steve had to do remedial repairs on hair and costume onstage!

We had the most torrential downpour at Our Lady of Compassion RC Primary in Formby, so sadly others couldn't walk over, in fact half the school nearly didn't make it across the playground!

Steve went away looking like he had run a marathon and I just hope he missed the hold ups on the M6

Truly the funniest and most innovative performer we have, it is no wonder he is so in demand for promoting books and reading and schools really should buy sets of his books to help improve 'reading for pleasure'
There is nothing finer than his unique blend and long may he reign after all the rain in Sefton

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