Saturday, 8 September 2012

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Dear Blog Followers,

Can you start signing up more followers, I am ever thirsty for new eyes and minds to encourage to read more and see the joyous things we do connected with Culture and Books in and around Formby. is ONE Today!

We are near the Iron Men of Crosby and plan a reading of a 'Dark Place to Die' by ed Chatterton there in December when he is over from Oz!

We have a 25 Years of 'THE Culture' on Friday 12th October
 with Iain M Banks, he will sign backlist and Hydrogen Sonata.
We have booked Liverpool Town Hall and will have use of the red leathered Council Chambers and the Lord Mayor in attendance, she is a lovely lady and it will add a regal touch to proceedings.

Tickets are only £5 and we have them on the website just type the words in and download. Or pop by and grab one of us mere real peeps.

We also have a new initiative which is in conjunction with Formby Pool and their lovely 'Cafe in the Park'
it is called 'Dips into Culture' and is a random collection of lectures or interactive talks.

Thursday 13th September we have 'Bonesetters' to Bionic Men' a look at the development of Liverpool's wonderful hospitals and the pioneering work of the Charnley Trust who celebrate 50 years as we type.
Paul Hughes has amassed a huge collection of bizarre medical implements and will display them and even ask us to try them...and will entertain us with his 'Horrible Medical Histories'
Tickets are only £3 and the cafe is open or you can bring a bottle of wine and relax, doors at 7.30pm

Thursday 20th September sees 200 years since a key battle in the Duke of Wellington's Peninsular Campaign as Professor Charles Esdaile tells us all about 'The Battle of Burgos'. Charles is a world expert on the Napoleonic Period and this is akin to a Christmas Lecture. At Only £5 (£3 under 16s) it is unmissable.
Again a cafe open and a bottle brought is allowed.
 Doors 7.30 for an interactive show.

We have more to come...Poetry, Crime and a stunning Dickensian Christmas special with Professor Ken Pye.

Our key note authors are Lesley Pearse 9th November, Andy McNab 5th November and Dorothy Koomson 15th October..get in touch and book to come and meet them.

For Football fans..we have Everton and Wales Legend Neville Southall on Saturday 29th September doing a meet and greet and signing his memoirs at Cafe D'Art 6.30pm. Great bar and we will have some nice nibbles too.

Please circulate this on as we don't always get media exposure in the press, it is in my opinion shameful but they seem to plead the lack of room to fit this in..I personally think more of us need to express our concerns about it and point out that we live and work in Formby and want to make anything happening here seen and easily accessed by the public.

If you want some great reads for all ages drop by and ask for advice, we can post most things for free so use the website and add any delivery details required.

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