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Review of The Outcasts by John Flanagan

We have done superbly well with a series of YA fantasy aimed at younger readers from approx 9 upwards, but in reality read by adults too. John Flanagan is a NZ based fantasy author who started writing to amuse his grandkids and well, it went global. The 'Ranger's apprentice' series of twelve books are a mix between Tolkien and Robin Hood and we sold literally 500 when we opened. Now he as continued the series on for older readers and has a new continuation with Brotherband and the Outcasts, we had loads of kids read the books but one has been brave enough to do a review!

Tomas Porter has penned the it and then read the series

The Outcasts (Brotherband Chronicles) – by John Flanagan
A Review by Thomas Porter
I found ‘The Outcasts’ to be a thrilling read, and has similar qualities to John Flanagan’s ‘Rangers Apprentice’. Although it took me a few chapters to really get stuck into ‘The Outcasts’, the action and tension heightened and I was soon immersed in the story.
The story features Hal, a half Araluen-half Skandian boy and is subsequently considered as an outsider. In Hal’s village, it is customary for a boy to go through brother-band training, once he reaches the age of sixteen.
Brother-band training is intense. The boys are split into teams in which they acquire the skills that will see them become team mates, sailors and warriors.
Hal’s father is killed in a fierce battle which has a profound effect on Hal, compounded when his father’s friend Thorn loses his hand in an accident. These tragedies motivate Hal to become the leader of the Brother-band.
I would strongly recommend this book to all my friends as an exciting and emotional read. I found that I was quickly transfixed by the events and I would promote it as an excellent read.
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