Saturday, 27 April 2013

New book Review! Time Travel book

Title: All Our Yesterdays
Author: Cristin Terrill
ISBN: 9781408835197
Price: £6.99
                Have you ever considered what our world would be like with a time machine? Would we go back in time and solve all those wars, stop all those bombs and save millions of people? However time should not be manipulated or controlled, it is far too powerful as Marina and Finn find out when it leads to the destruction of their best friends James, a brilliant, once shy young boy who created a scientific miracle and a monster. This is Cassandra. Marina and Finn, trapped in cells and tortured for information struggle to remember the person their best friend used to be before he too became a tool for the power-hungry villains of the world; the machine which was supposed to be his legacy and the saviour of the world had been transformed into a weapon, a means of control of society through the past. The day Marina finds the note in her ell, the note from a previous version of herself she finally understands what she must do as she reads those terrible words “You have to kill him”. She and Finn must go back in time and commit the unthinkable in order to prevent the terrible events which follow on, because of James.
                This science-fiction thriller also contains themes of romance and heartbreak as Marina must make the ultimate decision- to kill the boy she loves in order to save the future. It’s also an interesting representation of the human mind and how time and events can change and distort it. The power of the time machine changes James into a monster he himself never could have imagined, but Marina herself changes. She s no longer the insecure girl, hopelessly in love with the boy next door, instead she is strong independent and determined to secure the future for the younger version of herself, so that she may never experience the horror that followed the creation of Cassandra. But her childhood love for James still remains at the back of her mind, despite everything and she wonders if she could ever succeed in killing him, even for Finn, who she fell in love with after all those years in prison plotting to destroy Cassandra. Her mind knows what must be done, but will her heart fail her?
                This is action packed, and has elements of both murder mystery and science fiction. The element of time travel is surprisingly easy to follow, although at times the presence of two sets of the same character, past version and future version is a little confusing. It’s still a great book however and the first person narrative, which switches between the young Marina and the older post-Cassandra Marina, is very effective.

I would give this book 7/10


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