Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bang Bang you're dead! Book review by Katy Handley

Title: Bang Bang You’re Dead
Author: Narinder Dhami
ISBN: 978052560436

I would describe this as a teen thriller with a shocking twist. It follows Mia an ordinary school girl on an extraordinary day at school. There is a gunman on the loose in school, holding Class 9B hostage in the outbuilding. Mia is shy, insecure and weak, she is often told, but when she realises her twin brother Jamie is missing, and was last seen heading towards the location of the gunman, she takes it on herself to go looking for the potential killer.
As all the action takes place, we also learn about earlier times from Mia’s life and her struggle to live with her unstable mother, her grandad’s death and her rather strange brother Jamie. Every time someone hurts Mia, they are punished in some way for their actions and Mia can’t help but wonder if Jamie has something to do with it. Jamie is not shy or weak, but strong, bright and confident and constantly telling Mia she should stand up for herself more, especially to the bullies at school.
She knew that day, that something bad was going to happen. Her mum had another of her panic attacks that morning, after planning to use another of her credit cards to buy new things they couldn’t afford then losing her temper. Mia’s mum had been like this as long as they could remember and since Grandad is no longer around to take care of her Mia constantly turns to Jamie for help and support, but she often fears what he might too, if his own temper is pushed to the brink. And today, she knows, he has a plan.
In this thrilling tale Mia pursues the gunman through the school determined to stop what could ruin so many lives, it is a terrifying game of cat and mouse, but who will win? What if all is not as Mia suspects, or what if it is? Mia soon realises she is in more danger than she ever could have imagined. Easy to read, but also shocking and dramatic this page-turner wil have you on the edge of your seat!

I would give this 8/10

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