Saturday, 23 February 2013


Title- The Humans
Author – Matt Hang
ISBN- (hardback)- 9780857868756
ISBN-(paperback)- 9780857868763

Out soon!

Sorry there is no picture as the book has not been published yet.
This book will change the way you think about life, the human race and the universe. What if aliens really did exist and were more advanced and intelligent than us? And what if they walked among us disguised as humans, influencing events in order to control the progression of the human race? This is not a story about Professor Andrew Martin of Cambridge University, a workaholic who ignores his family in order to solve the greatest mathematical riddle of our time- the pattern of prime numbers. In doing this he has unlocked the secret to technological advancement which will send the human race hurtling towards the future. This story is not about Professor Andre Martin, however, this story is about the alien, who after he had been killed, took over his body in order to prevent the answer to this riddle falling into the clutches of a civilisation who were not ready. Thrown into his disguise, this alien’s only guide to earth was what lay in the pages of that the ‘Cosmopolitan’, consequently his first event on earth involves being arrested for public display of nudity.    Soon, however he begins to blend in, and he begins to proceed with his task; to kill anyone who may have any knowledge of Andrew Martin’s solution. His kind have no emotions, relationships or favouritism, they strive for knowledge, and the greatest good for the greatest number, working to preserve their race rather than themselves. They also view humans as inferior, disposable beings. Therefore when the fake Andrew Martin becomes a little attached to his wife Isobel and their son Gulliver, as he tries to help them deal with the problems caused by the real Professor, who abandoned and ignored them, the situation becomes more complicated. Despite his initial hatred of his disguise, human food and tastes, he finds himself growing strangely fond of peanut butter, poetry (especially Emily Dickinson), and David Bowie’s Space Oddity’ which ‘tells you nothing about space, but is very pleasing to the ears’. Suddenly Andrew Martin has become a much better father, husband, and allround human being than he ever was, but can he save his newfound family by the fate his kind has in store for them? Or will he finally ‘remember who he truly is and what his ‘kind’ is fighting for’.
                This is a humorous charming, often tragic depiction of humanity; desperate, often selfish, but loving. I would fully recommend it for a life-changing read. Remember, (from 97 pieces of advice for a human), No. 25: ‘there is only one genre in fiction, that genre is a book’

I would rate this as a 9/10!

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