Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Formby Then and Now

Title: Formby Then and Now in colour
Author: Reg and Barbara Yorke
ISBN: 978-0-7524-7155-6
Price: Christmas offer £10 while stocks last! (RRP £12.99)
                Written as a contribution to Civic Day organised by the Formby Civic Society, June 2012, this is a high-quality, pictorial record for those with a passion for local history, or even those people who simply appreciate Formby and are curious to know more. The book provides detailed information about Formby from the middle of the 18th century onwards, right up to June 2011. Interesting facts are intermingled with a stunning set of nostalgic images of Formby as far back as 1900. Imagine Formby as it was, a small rural hamlet, in contrast to the compact town with its own shopping centre (as we call ‘the village’).  Ever wanted to know when and how the first street lights in Formby arrived? Or when the village was pedestrianized? And how did Wicks Lane Path get its name? The answers to these as well as the origins of Cross Green, the well-known inns: Cross House, The Bay Horse and The Grapes and the old church yard can all be found in Formby Then and Now. There are also interesting details about Formby during great historical events, such as the Harrington Barracks in the Second World War and the Altcar Rifle Range, which was situated on the mouth of the River Alt. in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Even Formby Bowling club played its part, acting host to convalescent soldiers during the First World War; we contrast this with how it is today. Of course, we cannot forget the fabulous Formby coast and the threat that coastal erosion poses to the natural environment and glorious beach. There is also the Lifeboat station, the very first light boat station in the world and Formby Lighthouse, ‘one of the first nautical structures erected to help aid navigation and safety at the port of Liverpool’. Gain a sense of local pride from traditions and events which have continued in Formby for years, such as the Open Air Art Exhibition, held every June since 1950.
                This latest edition is brighter, bigger and better than other books in the ‘Then and Now’ series and the vivid images, hardback cover and glossy pages make this book an ideal Christmas present for any Formby dweller. Perhaps your house, someone you know, or somewhere you go every day is featured in this book, so read and find out!

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